Assignment Request Forms

Below you will find Assignment Request forms for all of our services.

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First determine the case type you have and wish to assign:


1) Collision Reconstruction and Injury Cause: Click to download this form

This request is for all vehicle collision reconstruction requests. Inclusive of minor impact and injury claims, damage consistency, speed at impact, staged collisions, who hit whom tractor trailer and commercial vehicles and all other case types when determining how and why the vehicle collision occurred.  Expertise Offered:  Collision Reconstructionists, Biomechanical Experts, Traffic Engineering, Chemical Analysis for Paint Transfer, Event Data Recorder download capability, Computer Simulation and Animation.


2) Vehicle Component Failure and Fires: Click to download this form

This request is for cases that involve all vehicle component failure issues and systems diagnostics (i.e. acceleration, brakes, steering, tires, transmission, electronics, airbags, etc.) and vehicle fires for failure cause determination.  Expertise Offered:  Automotive, Fire Origin & Cause Experts, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Event Data Recorder download capability.


3) Auto Theft Recovery: Click to download this form

This request is for any suspected auto-theft claim; burned losses included.  Expertise Offered: Automotive and Fire Origin & Cause Experts, Mechanical Engineers, Forensic Locksmith, Event Data Recorder download capability.


4) Safety, ADA, Slip/Trip and Injury Cause: Click to download this form

This request encompasses all safety and code compliance  to include Americans with Disability Act in residential, commercial and government properties.  Expertise offered: Architects, Industrial and Safety Engineers, Physicists, Code Compliance Experts, Construction Safety and Management, Certified Access Specialist (CASp), Biomechanical Experts, Coefficient of Friction measurements using the GS-1 Tribometer.


5) Property Loss & Product/Equipment Failure Analyses: Click to download this form

This request encompasses home and commercial property failures inclusive of plumbing systems, HVAC, appliance, Fire Suppression Systems, Structural Failures, Fires, Construction Defects, Toxic Exposure, Soils, Drainage, Landscaping, Electrical, Heavy Equipment and Machinery failures.  Expertise Offered:  Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Soil, Structural, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Plumbers, Landscape Architects, Design Architects, Metallurgists, Industrial Safety Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Chemists, Fire Origin & Cause Experts and other unique specialists and engineers.

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