Automotive failures and collisions occur for a reason. Though we like to call them accidents, there is always a responsible party or parties. When the question of liability is your concern, whether it be who ran a red light or why did a vehicle catch fire, Impact General understands the need for definitive answers.

Collision Reconstruction Services:

• Auto vs. Pedestrian

• Articulated Vehicles

• Bicycles

• Biomechanics (See Biomechanics and Injury Causation)

• Computer Simulation

• Crash Data Recovery ("Black Box" Technology)

• Heavy Equipment

• Low-Speed Collisions Motorcycles

• Occupant Kinematics Photogrammetry

• Paint Transfer

• Scene Inspections

• Skid Mark Analysis

• Traffic Safety

Automotive Failure Services:

• Appraisals

• Auto Body Repair Analysis Component Failures

• Fire Cause and Origin

• Laboratory Analysis (Oils, Fluids)

• Manufacturing Defects

• Mechanical Repair Analysis

• Metallurgy (Microscopy)

• Theft Determination

• Tire Failure

Collision Reconstruction and Injury Cause

Impact General provides collision demonstration for the International Association of Special Investigative Units.

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