Whether the need involves a complex industrial loss or a homeowner claim of mold infestation and bodily injury, We can effectively handle your case employing the following methodology:

• Identify the cause of loss (subrogation)

• Identify the type of environmental concern

• Evaluate toxicology and possible toxic impact of contamination

• Access level of risk

• Evaluate the claimed injury to determine if consistent with the incident

• Make recommendations for safe and cost-effective remediation

• Expert witness testimony

Environmental & Industrial Hygiene

Our Credentials:

• Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)

• Toxicologists (DABT)

• Registered Environmental Assessors

• Industrial/Occupational Medicine

• Certified Safety Professionals

• Epidemiologists

• Occupational Health Nurses

• Professional Engineers (see Property Failures)

Our Services:

• Indoor Air Quality (Commercial/Public Building)

• Air Quality Residential (Mold/Mildew)

• Industrial Hygiene and Health

• Health and Safety Audits

• Toxicology

• Medical Review/Injury Analysis

• Training Ergonomic Programs

• Lab Analysis

• Regulatory Compliance

• Remediation Recommendations

• Risk Communication

• Mechanical Failure Analysis

• HVAC Analysis

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