Property-failure analyses are among the most difficult in forensics because of the wide array of case types and seemingly unrelated and complex causal factors.


Our business philosophy makes it simple... Successful expert retention is based, in part, on the selection process. We live in an era of specialization.


Our panel of experts represents many disciplines to ensure getting the right expert for the specific assignment. This concept, coupled with our businesslike approach to case handling, ensures consistent job performance, timeliness, communication and cost containment on every case. Initial discussion, no obligation.


Our firm offers specialists in the following categories:

Property Loss & Product/Equipment Failure Analyses

• Appliance Failure

• Arborist Architecture

• Building and Engineering Code/Safety

• Biochemical Analysis

• Chemical Analysis

• Civil Engineering

• Computers/Electronics

• Construction

• Electrical Engineering

• Elevator Mechanics/Maintenance

• Entomology

• Engineering Explosions

• Fire Origin & Cause

• Fire Protection Systems

• Geology

• Geotechnical Engineering

• Hose/Line Failures

• Industrial Hygiene

• Industrial Machinery

• Landfill Contamination

• Materials Testing

• Mechanical Engineering

• Metallurgical Analysis

• Mold Analysis

• OSHA (State/Federal)

• Pipeline Safety

• Plastics/Polymers

• Plumbing

• Roofing Safety

• Slip/Trip and Falls

• Structural Engineering

• Toxic Hazards/Waste

• Toxicology

• Water Intrusion

Unique specialists are available, please call for a curriculum vitae.

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